Posted: 10/20/2023

Find out how an energy audit can potentially save you hundreds of dollars annually and improve the value of your home.

Why is a home energy audit a smart investment? How much energy could you possibly be wasting?

Let's start with the fact that home energy audits are relatively inexpensive, especially if you're considering how much money you're spending on your energy bills. They're an even better proposition when you consider the incentive offered by Eau Claire Energy Cooperative. That sets the bar low for a good return on investment.

In a typical audit or assessment, a certified expert will check your home for air leaks, make sure your insulation is up to code and see how you are using energy. Often, the auditor can give you a list of a few low-cost and no-cost solutions than can possibly cut hundreds of dollars off your energy bills every year.

These solutions may include air-sealing your attic and basement, re-caulking your windows or using smart plugs or advanced power strips to limit phantom power. And those savings will continue long after the audit is paid for.

Home energy audits are more than just a checkup. They are an opportunity to invest a little to potentially save thousands of dollars down the road while improving the value of your home.