Posted: 1/15/2024


As you shop in the new year, looking for energy-efficient appliances will help reduce electricity use and save you money. Many home devices have electric options, and Eau Claire Energy Cooperative offers incentives for many of these energy-efficient purchases.

Eau Claire Energy Cooperative members have the opportunity to receive incentives from both Focus on Energy and Eau Claire Energy Cooperative. With double the opportunities comes double the possibilities. Members can visit our site's Save Energy and Money page or call 715-836-6467 for valuable information and apply for both Eau Claire Energy Cooperative and Focus on Energy Incentives.

Eligibility criteria for each category are listed directly on all incentive forms. To receive an incentive, the member must purchase a qualifying item, complete the incentive form, and return the form and required documentation to the cooperative within three months of purchase or installation. Equipment must be installed within Eau Claire Energy Cooperative service territory and, in most cases, be ENERGY STARĀ® rated. Some items must be enrolled in Eau Claire Energy Cooperative's load management program to qualify. Other items, such as electric vehicle chargers, may require an electric service or breaker upgrade.

"It seems counterintuitive to ask members to use less of what we're trying to sell, but this is the Cooperative Difference," Eric Muller, Member Services Associate, said. "We work hard to keep electricity rates stable and affordable for members, but the cheapest kilowatt-hour is the one that's not used. We want to encourage energy efficiency without sacrificing member comfort and convenience."

Even though 2024 has begun, members who made a qualifying energy-efficient purchase in 2023 are still eligible for 2023 rebates as long as all documentation is submitted within three months of the purchase or installation date, as specified on the incentive form. Please stop by our office at 8214 US Hwy 12, Fall Creek, WI 54742, or call 715-836-1603 for more details.